Me Maxime A. Pouliot, B.C.L./LL.B.


I started my career as a family lawyer with some of the most prominent firms in Montreal, with renowned mentors, in a more traditional litigation practice.

I had the opportunity to negotiate and conclude out-of-court settlements, to make representations before the courts, and to work on highly complex cases.

A Different Approach

It is with the desire to practice law in a different way that I set up an alternative family legal service, focused on private dispute resolution.

A service that puts people first, without compromising on legal rigor.

Multidisciplinary Training

My professional training allows me to have a global view of family law:

  • Bachelors of Civil Law and Common Law
  • Bachelors of Sexology
  • Cégep diploma in Social Work

Why go beyond the law?

Court proceedings easily become time-consuming and costly. In family law, a more aggressive or strictly legal approach can also overshadow other important issues, including the well-being of children.

Even when legal remedies are available to meet certain demands, it is worthwhile to shed light on people's actual needs, to understand them, and to find solutions that can be more beneficial in the long run. Of course, it is sometimes necessary to use the courts, but there are different ways to do this to minimize the negative impacts.

When clients' requests are driven by otherwise valid feelings of disappointment, anger or revenge, it can be difficult to distinguish the emotional aspects from the legal ones and to make informed decisions.

Using principles specific to social work and sexology, I invite you to go beyond the law by developing adapted strategies that take into account your personal issues, your budget and the well-being of your children.